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_Think Outside the Classroom_

It’s a little book with a pretty aqua and cream cover. A short read, only 56 pages long. But, as you read it, prepare to be encouraged, strengthened and renewed in your homeschooling vision and direction. Think cover 1

I don’t know that I read anything new to my brain personally, {however, if you follow a strict “school classroom at home” format, you may be greatly challenged by some new concepts!} but I was so encouraged as I read through the book one evening because as Kelly shared her family’s approach to their home-school, I found myself agreeing. Those truths I knew in my brain and heart Kelly was able to articulate in writing. Those dreams and goals I have for my children, those ‘end results’ I desire to have in our own home-school, Kelly and her family were using and achieving. 

Kelly Crawford is a lady I greatly admire and consider one who is worthy of offering advice, truth and encouragement into my life. Though I have never met her in person, her blog posts and the life she lives has shown me that she is a mama ahead of me on a similar journey, a mama of many children, a mama who has “graduated” several of them and so I know the words she speaks come from not only Godly wisdom but practical life experiences too.  Her other book “When Motherhood Feels Too Hard” is one I keep near and have read through often over the last few years.

A Lifestyle of Learning(1)

I would encourage any homeschooling mama to pick up a copy of this book and read it through. The concept of “Lifestyle of Learning” is so key, I believe, to a quality education. That concept that we are teaching our children to not just recite facts and figures back to us but rather teaching them how to learn, how to find answers to their questions, how to think and how to articulate clearly their own thoughts. Kelly includes in this book not only a concept and style of learning, but practical ways to implement this in your own home.


“With life-learning, there is no start of finish, no taking off, no being behind….. just a constant readiness to learn something else.” ~ Kelly Crawford


This short phrase sums up so well this book “Think Outside the Classroom”, a desire to teach our children to learn, to view each day and each moment as an opportunity to learn and grow. A lifestyle, that once mastered in the childhood years will carry on throughout their lives, well preparing them for their lives ahead.

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Having a Martha Home the Mary Way {Book review}

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“Who is woman? She is the redeemed life-giver, enlivened by the love of Christ and is continuously renewed by Him as she nurtures others.” ~ Barbara K. Mouser

As a woman, a wife, a mother the desire to make a home beautiful and peaceful, to have a tidy space and organized areas is common. To have calm and clean is often an ultimate goal of the homemaker. In this book, Having a Martha Home the Mary Way” by Sarah Mae you are given a desire and achievable steps to reach for this goal. Sarah walks you through not only the nitty-gritty of housecleaning and breaking down the house into bite-size chunks but also walk you through the heart of the homemaking and the God-given desire for this clean space and how in serving those around us we are serving God. That concept of either having a “fun and peaceful mom” or the “clean and tidy” house has gone by the wayside as you realize that having that Mary heart of sitting at the feet of Jesus and enjoying the moment given can be merged with the Martha hands of having a clean home and dinner on the table. This book in a nut-shell is the “hearts and hands” of homemaking, it’s “31 days to a clean house and a satisfied soul”.

All women are life-givers; God made us that way. Life-giving, in its most basic sense, is raising life above the level of mere existence. We give physically and spiritually, in many forms. We also give life intellectually, socially, and artistically. We as women have been blessed with the very nature of life-giving! At its core, life-giving is all about love-loving others with what God has given us……. {Sarah Mae}

And for those of you who tend to be more a Mary than a Martha, this book will encourage you – not discourage you in your homemaking skills, it’s coming from a lady who doesn’t like to clean and in the midst of her own homemaking journey has found that middle of the road that works for her. And as you read and walk through the book you will be enabled to find your own path of what works for you.

For me personally, I was encouraged that I was on the right path with my every-present challenge of balancing all the spinning tops of life. That keeping the house clean, dishes washed, laundry dealt with and raising my children well, schooling them & loving them and being the wife and mother I am called to be. It’s not a matter of perfection, but allowing yourself to grow and change and influence your sphere of home, husband, children and chaos.

This job
This job

One new habit I have gleaned from the book is her “6 things list”….. it gave me a fresh perspective on my daily planning and a way to tweak my days and plans to better serve me and my family. (It’s in Day 5 ;-))

“You can give life to your home by making it warm and inviting, fresh and invigorating! You can give life to your home by making sure there are clean dishes to eat off of and clear spaces to walk in and organized papers that are easy to find when you need them. You can give life to your home by filling it with loving, true and good words! You can give life to your home by building up the souls in your care and the souls that enter it. You home can be a place where weary bones rest and burdens are lifted and laughter ripples through every room. All of these things make a home….. you are a creator of beauty and peace and safe spaces…. You are a homemaker.” {Sarah Mae}

I would encourage you if you struggle with finding balance in your home and are discouraged by the constant clutter and chaos of your space, this book is a great read. It’s divided into 31 days so you can take a chapter a day and work through it quickly as this is a great time of year for Spring Cleaning. Or you can go at your own pace and take a chapter every few days. It would also make a great challenge to do with a few friends to help keep you motivated and moving in finding your balance of clean and happy.

And if you are interested, there is challenge STARTING TODAY, APRIL 4th, as a large group of ladies work through the book, encouraging and helping each other through the process…… find details here on Sarah’s blog!

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