A moment of grace – Day 1

Psalm 19:14
Psalm 19:14


Dear Lord, Use my words, use my thoughts today to encourage and bless those around me, especially my children as we go about our day, my husband as he works hard for us and the words I share with friends around town or around the world. Use my words to build up and not tear down, may they bring YOU praise and glory in all I do and say. Amen


Just a little P.S. note…… yes, I am going to try and do this for all 31 days of October……A blog, The Nester, has a 31 day series challenge that you may be seeing many bloggers joining in on….. I thought it would be a good chance to get more regular about posting and back into a good groove. Although this idea had been rattling around my head all week and I even told my sister I was just gonna do it, I loved what my friend posted today on it as well – you can read it here at her blog Counting All Joy – and I decided to just sit down and do a post right now.

Plus, I would love for you to like, share, email a friend any photo quote that especially touches you, encourages you or you think they would appreciate. I don’t intend for these posts to be long, but hopefully they will give you a breath of encouragement, a moment of grace in the midst of our busy days!

All my photos in the shop have a share button that you can share on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter very easily and I would love for you to encourage those around you! And of course, you can always buy any of the photo magnets or note cards in the shop as well!

I have a number of new prints waiting for me to add to my shop, so I will try and share those specifically this month, but watch the shop and my Facebook page for updates as well!

a moment of grace
31 days of encouragement

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    Thank you for linking up Jen and responding to the post with a post of your own! So proud of you to dig in. May the Lord bless these words abundantly and overflowing for you blessing us. Thank you so much for following through for 31 days! I will be rooting for you and sharing these lovely encouraging words 🙂 Hugs! Amanda

  3. […] See my note from Day 1 for more on this 31 day challenge […]

  4. […] yes, this finally concludes the 31 days of encouragement series that took a little longer then first planned or later anticipated! But I am glad I finished it and have these 31 days of prayers. Thru the month […]

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